Our theme for 2021 is Necessary Endings. 

No one will deny that endings are a part of life. Things must end for other things to begin. What ‘time to end’ will we see that we’ve missed? What ending strategies will we discover in God’s word and by God’s Spirit that will help us as individuals and as a community? What doors need to be closed relationally so that new ones can open? What good can’t begin until the bad ends? What UNSUITABLE ways of seeing God will end? What long standing traditions of understanding the Bible must be reformed? All this will happen as God makes everything beautiful in its time!

Endings are woven into the fabric of life itself—when it’s going well and when it isn’t. Personally, you can’t love if you haven’t stopped hating. You can only dance or laugh when mourning has been done well. You can’t mend anything if you haven’t stopped tearing it apart.  Unless we can end things, we get stuck and can’t become all we hope to be.

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