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As, 2023 began, we discerned together as a congregation by the Spirit that we will focus on the theme of Community in this next season.

“From a Trinitarian standpoint,” writes T.F.Torrance, “God is in the business of creating community.” Because God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is a Community! Three, who have their very Being in communion and fellowship with each other, are bound together in mutual love and mutual self-giving.  

It is through the incarnation, God becoming human, that we are lifted up into this life of communion, of participation in the very Triune life of God. By the Spirit, drawn in love, we participate in the Son’s communion with the Father. If God’s true Being is found in loving communion, then we also will find our true being in community—in mutual, personal relationships of love.


The word ‘community’ is a wonderful challenge for us,” said one of our community members in our conversations. “As the church,” she continued, “we are called ‘Community’ and it will be good to work that out. The overlapping of the community within and beyond the physical walls of the building come to mind. The building of community with like-minded individuals is hard enough. When we truly explore building community with people who think differently and believe differently, what will that look like?” She concluded by saying, “Only love can cross all boundaries of difference.”

As we dreamed what this community by grace might become, we chose words that began with “A” to get us started. Created to be a community of persons enjoying communion with God and each other, we will grow more and more into being an ‘affirming,’ ‘accepting,’ ‘alive,’ and ‘active’ community with ‘attitude!’ We are called to be a community of ‘artists,’ ‘architects,’ who are ‘authentic,’ ‘anticipating,’ ‘awake,’ ‘apocalyptic,’ and ‘aware.’ 

We gathered more than 40 A-words so we’ll need your help! Please consider joining us at Meadowvale in this ongoing, reforming process of re-imagining God, community, and the church!

Last week's sermon and more can be found here.   

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