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Hope and Homes for All! 

Indwell is a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and belonging. Our programs support more than 700 people in Hamilton, Woodstock, Simcoe, and London.  

Meadowvale Community Church is proud to partner with Indwell to bring affordable housing to Mississauga! 


Loko Koa

Loko Koa's desire is to to empower and encourage First Nations culture to honour the Creator. 

Due to cultural similarities, respect for elders and emphasis on family relationships, Loko Koa has established a welcomed presence on reserves with an open door to release Creator’s ‘healing’ of the nations. 

Committed to a relationship-based community development model and by following the indigenous protocol, Loko Koa has seen immense success and open doors among First Nations people. 

Ultimately, Loko Koa’s heart is to see the First Nations people healed from past wounds, their identities restored and for them to discover their rightful place in the body of Christ and in the landscape of present day Canada. 

Loko Koa has a unique role in serving as a bridge between settlers and First Nations in the reconciliation process. 

Loko Koa
Loko Koa

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Buffalo initiative jacket
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Loko Koa
Loko Koa

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Promoting reconciliation in Land Use Planning

Shared Path Consultation Initiative (Shared Path) is a charitable organization that is addressing the challenges and opportunities that emerge where land use change and Aboriginal and Treaty Rights intersect.


The Dam partners with youth to create an inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued and respected.  


The vision of Celebration of Dance is to foster intimacy with God, on both an individual & corporate level through teaching and encouragement of children, youth & adults to express their hearts in pure & wholesome worship through dance & movement.


Eden Food for Change is committed to increasing access to good food in a dignified manner, developing food skills to encourage healthy eating and empowering the community through education, outreach and advocacy.

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The Open Door serves people of every walk of life, age, race, religion and culture.
The staff and volunteers work to improve the life situation of people who are going through difficult times. They seek to companion people through their hardest times. Many can recover balance when connected to the approprate resources they are often unaware of.