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Whether taught from the pulpit, modelled through the lives of members, or painted by some of our artists, Justice is part of who we are because it is who God is.  If God was in Christ reconciling ALL things to himself then as children of God we are called to participate in this work of reconciliation.

As the war continues in Gaza... we cry out for a ceasefire.  We cry out for peace.  This video was created in response to Pastor Isaac Munther's Christmas message found here:


We are an affirming church within a denomination still wrestling with their biblical understanding of sexuality. To be an affirming church means that all people are valued and embraced regardless of gender presentatioor identity, sexual orientation or identity, or marital status. Such value and embrace offers full participation in the life, discipleship, and leadership of the church including

the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and enjoying the benefits of the

institution of marriage if that is one’s calling. This participation may include the roles in

leadership, worship, children or youth ministry, or staff positions based on an

individual’s qualifications, gifting, and spiritual maturity. In addition, this means that

those in the Community CRC of Meadowvale invested with the authority to do so may

officiate same-sex marriages.

    Streetsville - Indwell

The wait list for low income housing in Mississauga is at least 6 years. Perhaps more. We believe this is wrong and so we have been proud supporters of Indwell. The latest project is Mississauga is on Thomas Street in  Streetsville. Previously a retirement group home, the 17 previous residents have been safely relocated as they await the new building which is expected to open early 2023.       Check them out here.  

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