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We are an inclusive community who believe there is a circle of life, a Great Dance of love shared by the Father, Son and Spirit

in which we are all    included!





An Interactive Weekend with Baxter Kruger

“Encountering Jesus’ Transforming Presence in Us”

 June 9-10th, 2023 — Mississauga, Ontario 

Join us in person or on-line as Baxter presents a new teaching series,

based on his landmark “Mediation ofChrist” essay,

that will help us experience Christ’s life and love

in union with the Father,

by the indwelling power of the Spirit,

for the healing of our hearts and the thriving of humanity.

Fri. June 9 th , 7:00-9:30 PM and Sat. June 10 th , 9:30-4:30 PM

Hosted by Meadowvale CRC  (2630 Inlake Crt. Mississauga, L5N 2A7)

Pay-what-you-can:    $85 for Fri. & Sat. (includes Sat. lunch)           

 (Suggested donation)    $70 for Saturday only (includes lunch)

$30 for Friday Evening only

$60 for Live-streaming only 


Join us on Sunday mornings

in person or online.

                                  @10 am            

                      For the latest information:

Every year, as is our custom, we discerned together as a congregation by the Spirit that we will focus on the theme of Community in this next season. 

As we dreamed what this community by grace might become, we chose words that began with “A” to get us started. Created to be a community of persons enjoying communion with God and each other, we will grow more and more into being an ‘affirming,’ ‘accepting,’ ‘alive,’ and ‘active’ community with ‘attitude!’ We are called to be a community of ‘artists,’ ‘architects,’ who are ‘authentic,’ ‘anticipating,’ ‘awake,’ ‘apocalyptic,’ and ‘aware.’ 

We gathered more than 40 A-words so we’ll need your help! Please consider joining us at Meadowvale in this ongoing, reforming process of re-imagining God, community, and the church!

For more information and to find our past messages click here! 

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