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Sunday November 24th, 2013

Andy Knox’s  Prophetic Songs:

                                                                                                           November 2013

Gold, gold, I gave you rivers of gold…So don’t treat Me like a commodity, I never treat you that way…..You’re my friends and I love you…Open up your eyes to see this river flows into your city at life of possibilities …As you pour your lives out free and fully. Love is going to win the day; peace is really going to reign….So let your hearts be filled again with hope beyond measure.

From creation to the cross, from the cross to eternity. Your grace finds me, Your grace is enough for me.

There in the darkest night of the storm, then sweetest songs of victory…                                                  There in the deepest and darkest night of the soul when I’ve lost my way. And I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know if I’ve got the energy to get out of bed that day. There in the darkest and deepest night of my soul when I feel despair and depressed. When I look and see so much brokenness and shame and craziness and horrible crap/darkness around me. Don’t know how to pour out myself…. Even in those moments when I feel on top of the world. And I feel I’m singing this song of victory and I’m shouting out and everything feels like it’s going okay…Even when we lose our way and we lose our hope and we fight but we find ourselves alone wondering, waiting, and thinking: Where are you God?

And You whisper, “I’m with you and I’m right inside of you.”

When we look at the broken women in this city and the ways they’ve been abused by men. And we look at the children who have been eaten up by an education system that doesn’t care about them and we wonder, “God?” When we look at all the senseless fighting and all our wars that tear us apart. And the ways we’re raping the earth and using all the resources following an economy of greed that eats up people like bread. And we wonder, “God?”…and we think “where is the hope?”

And You look back at us and say, “You are the hope. You carry the hope of all humanity in your heart. And My grace is enough for you and I’m with you in your weakness. So let’s do this together. Can you imagine what would happen if we turned up to work together.  I’ve opened up a well in this place and my river flows out and it’s flowing out of My temple and it isn’t coming back and it isn’t meant for a swimming pool. It’s meant to bring life and hope and grace and strength to this city until the whole place is filled with My Glory and all who know Me. And you won’t have to say to your neighbour do you know the Lord ‘cause they’ll know Me and they’ll see Me and we will love each other and dance together in the streets of this city.

This is strength for everyday; my grace will find you there again. I’m with you in the hardest pain; my grace is enough for you. I’m pouring out Myself for you. I’m pouring Myself into you. This well has not run dry. Give yourselves again to the family; give yourself again for the sake of a new humanity. Now is not the time to give up hope. What can you see? What can you imagine springing up? This land is such a seedbed for My Presence and My Glory. It is ripe, it is ripe. It is ready, it’s ready. Have you seen how much goodness I’ve been sowing out there?


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